Order Code : AC-NUT-WHT

Order Code : TNC29

Cream Jacket. Solid core conductors. RED, BLACK, BLUE & WHITE. As used in telephone installations. Supplied on reels in...

Order Code : TC4-300

75O low loss OFC Dual interconnect by SOUNDLINK USA. This cable is designed for S-VHS applications & is suitable for...

Order Code : VIC240

Red/Black heavy duty for higher current. (15A) 4.5mm x 2 with 61 x 0.18mm strands.

Order Code : AW1861

Travel pack 100-250Vac. Includes 6x “R” Plug kit. 3V 4.5V 5V @ 2500mA. 6V 6.5V @ 2000mA. 7V @ 1900mA2000mA 3-7Vdc

Order Code : SMP2000A

477MHz coaxial dipole UHF clear transparent on-glass UHF antenna. Vandal proof. Mounts on the inside of a vehicle...

Order Code : ANT901


Order Code : SMP12V1A-21P

500GB SATA-III 16MB 7200.12With dual TV Tuner, it’s available to record another TV program while watching one...

Order Code : HD306

Cross reference listing of the most popular Models and Part No. Remember to look for high capacity and long range...

Order Code : RBT142

Recessed Ceiling Prosound Lsp 30W 8” Low Profile (2PCS)

Order Code : C8.2LP

Order Code : SMA2813

Solid fixed shelf Metal construction Ventilation slots Black.FIT RACK CABINETS

Order Code : SHF111

Power pack to suit H4 series on monitors

Order Code : AU-24V

Unlike line level audio sources you connect to a stereo (DVD/CD players, tape decks, TV audio, minidisc, etc.), the...

Order Code : PA005
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