Service and repair parts ensure the long-term usability of technology devices. While many tech products continue to improve, it's important to support existing devices in order to promote longevity and reduce electronic waste. Many technology issues can be fixed when you have the right components, from turntables and cassette recorders to TVs and microwaves. At Wagner Electronics Super Store, we supply a wide array of service and repair parts at a great price point.

We have parts for household appliances, components for home entertainment gear and lots of high-quality audio accessories. Whether for DIY projects or commercial repair services, our products will keep your equipment running for years to come.

What are service and repair parts?

In the world of technology, service and repair parts are often life-savers. Technology products break down all the time, and repairs are often more cost-effective than replacement when you have the right tools and parts.

Along with components for electronic repairs, we also have a wide range of maintenance items and upgrade parts. At Wagner, we support individuals and technology professionals with high-quality service and repair parts.

Large variety of service and repair parts

We have a wide range of service and repair parts in stock. From fridges and microwaves to televisions and audio gear, we can help give your equipment a new lease on life. Whether you’re working on regular maintenance to system upgrades, we supply high-quality parts for general and specific applications.

The following product categories are available:

Audio parts Cassette parts DVD & CD Player Repair Parts Fridge parts Microwave repair parts TV repair parts Turntable repair parts Vacuum cleaner parts VCR repair parts Record player repair parts Audio amplifier repair parts Replacement turntable record player stylus

Most of our service and repair parts fall into the following categories:

Audio parts

If you love your audio gear and want to keep it in perfect condition, repairs and maintenance components are definite must-haves. At Wagner, we specialise in repair and service parts for audio equipment, including cassette recorders, turntables and CD players. From replacement cartridges and stylus solutions to motors and cleaning products, we have it all. If you've been searching for quality cables, turntable components or “CD player repair near me”, you've come to the right place.

Home entertainment parts

If you want to keep your home entertainment gear fully operational for many years, you need to have repair and replacement parts available when you need them. At Wagner, we have high-quality parts for a range of audio and visual devices, including televisions, DVD players and speaker systems. From cables and brackets to gaming and automotive solutions, we have it all. If you need to carry out DVD player repair or perform a home entertainment upgrade, please review our product range.

Appliance parts

Domestic and commercial appliances play a central role in every home and business. From fridges and freezers to microwaves and vacuum cleaners, we have repair and service parts for a wide array of equipment. Whether you need to fix a kitchen appliance or replace a part in your laundry, we have the tools and testing gear you need. For microwave parts, fridge parts or Dyson battery replacement, please check out our huge online store.

Australian stock and overnight shipping

Wagner Electronics Super Store is an independent Australian business. We're dedicated to electronics and keep a wide range of repair and service parts in stock at all times. All of our products are sourced globally from known manufacturers, and we offer Australia-wide overnight shipping along with in-store pick-up. We have DVD player repair parts, Dyson battery replacement parts, fridge and freezer components, and so much more.

If you've been searching for high-quality audio components or CD player repair near me, please review our catalogue or contact our team to learn more.

Order Code : VM3601

Replacement Shibata Stylus for VM 95 Series Cartridges

Order Code : VMN95SH

Replacement MicroLine Stylus for VM95 Series Cartridges

Order Code : VMN95ML

Replacement Elliptical Nude Stylus for VM95 Series Cartridges

Order Code : VMN95EN

VM95 Series dual moving magnet stereo cartridge w/Shibata stylus

Order Code : VM95SH

VM95 Series dual moving magnet stereo cartridge w/MicroLine stylus

Order Code : VM95ML

VM95 Series dual moving magnet stereo cartridge w/elliptical nude stylus

Order Code : VM95EN

Order Code : BCDY-V11SI

D1210 ADC QLM33 Mark III

Order Code : D1210

AT91 series Conical Replacement Stylus

Order Code : ATN91R

VM95 series Conical Replacement Stylus

Order Code : VMN95C

VM95 Series dual moving magnet stereo cartridge w/conical bonded stylusVM95 Series dual moving magnet stereo cartridge...

Order Code : VM95C

Lightweight aluminium ½" mount headshell for 4-pin cartridges. (Black)

Order Code : HS10BK

Audio-Technica record care solution (60ml)

Order Code : AT634A

Audio-Technica disc stabiliser/record weight

Order Code : AT618A

Stroboscope disc and quartz strobe light kit

Order Code : AT6181DL

Cartridge Stylus Cleaner

Order Code : AT617A

Precision turntable leveller

Order Code : AT615A

Lead wire - 6N OFC material, titanium compounded sheath, gold plated terminals

Order Code : AT6108

Stylus cleaning fluid (10ml)

Order Code : AT607A

Record Cleaning Kit with 60ml cleaning solution, sonic broom brush pad

Order Code : AT6012A
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