Wagner Catalogue 2017

TV / SAT Distribution Multi-Room Solutions AV Distribution Conversion 01 Cables Leads Plugs Sockets Adaptors Prepared Interconnect 02 Headphones Microphones Box Speakers Wall and Ceiling Speakers PA Equipment Audio Components 03 Data Cables Patch Leads Racks Data Centre PC Cards Peripherals Accessories 04 CCTV IP Cameras DVR Systems Alarm Installation Accessories 05 CB UHF 2-Way Accessories Cellular Phone Accessories Antenna and Installation Solutions 06 Hand Tools Service Aids Drill Bits Cable Running Glues and Adhesives Cleaning Solvents Multimeters, etc. 07 AC/DC Power Supplies DC Chargers Batteries LED Lighting and Fittings AC Mains Outlets and Mounting Hardware 08 Vehicle Audio Solutions Power Distribution Mounting Installation 09 IC’s, Transistors, Switches Active Passive Components Knobs and LED’s Lamps 10 Phono Stylus and Belts Audio, TV, DVD, VCR and Microwave Repair Parts 11 AV TV SAT INSTALLATION Contents CABLES & CONNECTORS AUDIO SPEAKERS & PA DATA & COMPUTER SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE COMMUNICATIONS TOOLS & TEST EQUIPMENT POWER & LIGHTING AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS SERVICE & REPAIR INDEX Product Index Listing 12