Power extension cords are used to extend the reach and scope of electronic devices in an efficient and convenient manner. Varying in length, extension cords serve as a means to have easy access to your electrical equipment as needed. Whether you need a 30cm extension, 3m extension lead or even an air conditioner extension cord, Wagner has the product for you.

Benefits of power extension cords

Extension leads simplify cable management and allow for easier accessibility to appliances. There are several key reasons why they are exceedingly useful:


The most prevalent use-case for power extension cords is simply extending the reach of your cables. This way you can have easier access to your appliances without having to place them in inconvenient areas near the closest wall outlet.

Cable management

Nobody likes a cluttered space. Extension leads can be used to simplify cable management and hide away any unnecessarily short or obtrusive cables. By using power extension cords with a switch, you can use several electronic devices simultaneously, allowing for even greater cable management — not to mention avoiding having to disconnect an appliance to use another.


Exposed cables come with safety risks. Multiple wires crossing over each other and along the floor can be quite dangerous. That is why we offer fantastic solutions for both cable management and safety assurance. If you want to clean up your space and avoid any potential trips or hideaway cables from pets or children, invest in an extension lead today.

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WALL MOUNTABLE & AUTO-RETRACTABLE This 15m retractable power extension cable reel is convenient to store away and use....

Order Code : UR24015TR

WITH 15A OVER-SIZED EARTH AC PLUG This 15m extension cord reel is a convenient way to store and use an extension...

Order Code : UR25015R

EXTENSION CORD LOCK Enable a secure connection of power leads. Rubber grommet for weather resistance (IP54).

Order Code : UR240WBP

5 metres heavy duty power extension leads with clear plugs. 10A 3x1.0mm² cord.Ideal for work sites, garage or...

Order Code : UR240/5HD

This 25m extension cord reel is a convenient way to store and use an extension cable. It has 4x 10A power outlets with...

Order Code : PRL4-25

AC PLUG TO 2x AC SOCKETS Power 2 AC devices from a single Mains outlets.

Order Code : ACL221
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