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If you are a passionate vinyl enthusiast, nothing beats having a top-notch turntable cartridge to ensure your cherished vinyl collection remains in pristine condition. A reliable cartridge will keeps your vinyl in good condition and safeguard it from potential damage caused by a worn-out-needle. These cartridges are commonly referred to as phono cartridge or a record player cartridge.

At Wagner Online, we have a wide selection of turntable cartridges in Australia from leading and reputed brands such as Rega, Ortofon, Audio Technica, Sumiko, and more. For more than 25 years, we have been committed to improving the sound quality of our customers and enhancing their listening experiences. All our products are sourced globally from internationally renowned manufacturers. Get your hands on high-output cartridges and set them up on your record player.

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What is a Turntable Cartridge?

As the name suggests, a turntable cartridge is a tiny device attached to a turntable or a record player. It is a micro-mechanical device that is linked to the very end of a turntable’s tonearm. The phono cartridge is attached to a record player as it converts the vibrational energy from a vinyl disc into electrical signals, producing the sound from the speakers. This technology works for classic old vinyl as well as modern discs. A record player cartridge can be used by audiophiles for vinyl listening or by a professional DJ for their musical gigs.

A stereo cartridge is made up of some vital components - a needle, a wire coil, and a magnet within the cartridge. Depending on the make and design of it, some cartridges can be more accurate than others. They also tend to wear out over a period of time. If you want your audio system to always be on top of its performance, ensure you always have a high-output cartridge handy. Replace an old cartridge stylus with a new one to prevent any damage to your vinyl, which is possible due to worn-out needles.

Find a diverse range of stereo cartridges, including moving magnet cartridges and moving coil cartridges.

Moving Magnet Cartridge

In most cases, a turntable cartridge will be a moving magnet cartridge. There are two sub-categories into this - MM (moving magnet) and IM (induced magnet). Both types deliver the same output.

When a record player with a moving magnet cartridge is connected to an amplifier, the amplifier needs a special MM phono input. Or, the record player has to be connected to a separate Phono preamp (preamplifier).

A moving magnet cartridge typically has interchangeable needles. Depending on the make, they can come with basic to specialised specifications and deliver an excellent frequency response. Hence, it has a better reproduction quality than the cheaper Crystal and Ceramic elements options.

Moving Coil Cartridge

If you are looking for a premium high-quality phono cartridge, then a moving coil cartridge is what you need. These are superior in design. Most high-end record players use a moving coil cartridge. The needle is permanently fixed in a moving coil cartridge. Hence, the entire cartridge must be replaced in case of damage. Moving coil cartridges are usually equipped with a “Naked Diamond” needle tip. They deliver the best performance and also have the longest possible life.

To connect a moving coil cartridge to your sound system, the amplifier requires a special MC input or special MC preamps. The transformer can also be used to boost the electrical signal.

Find the Best Phono Cartridge

At Wagner Online, we offer you an extensive selection of turntable cartridges in Australia. You can choose from reputed brands like Ortofon, Rega, Goldring, Clearaudio, Grado, and Thorens. Go through our selections and find the right cartridge for you. We also have audio experts who can help you make the best purchase decision.

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Wagner Online is an independent Australian organisation committed to the audio-visual community. We aim to enhance the listening experience of our patrons by providing high-end audio equipment from reputed manufacturers.

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All our products are sourced globally from internationally renowned manufacturers and leading brands. We partner with leading names in the audio-visual industry and offer the latest and most modern gadgets and equipment.

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At Wagner Online, we go beyond being authorised retailers and sellers. We take pride in offering installation services to our valued clients. Our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the expertise to assist and guide you in making the right purchase decisions. Get comprehensive support from start to finish.

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