VERIFY CORRECT WIRING & SAFETY RCD OPERATION A handy low-cost unit that tests a power outlet for polarity, earth...

Order Code : PPT-V2

Coloured Pass NEXT TEST COLOUR CODED Professional tradesman Appliance Test Tags with official unique tag numbering on...

Order Code : TAG96

Aegis Fail Tags DO NOT USE !! DANGER !! For those rare occasions that an appliance actually fails the test, you will...

Order Code : CZ5073

FULL FUNCTION OF TESTS FOR PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICIANS The CZ20073 is a newly designed digital multi-functional testing...

Order Code : CZ20073

UT582 RCDs (Residual Current Devices) are designed and specified to protect people and equipment from the danger of...

Order Code : CZ20053

CZ5072 Individually numbered. Includes marker

Starts From: $65.00

Aegis Pass Tags

Order Code : CZ5072

Log Book

Order Code : CZ5074
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