Low profile rubber feet with adhesive base.

Order Code : ARF12

10mm diameter, requires 8mm Mounting Hole. 5mm chassis clearance.

Order Code : PRF10

Bolt-On rubber feet with 3mm hole. (Screws not included).

Starts From: $0.36

Non slip rubber feet to protect delicate surfaces from scratching and to elevate equipment to allow airflow preventing...

Order Code : RFG16

Twist to lock strain relief for weather-proof cable entry. Order One to receive a bag of Two.

Starts From: $1.95

IP68 cable gland with rubber clamping ring for a secure and weatherproof cable entry seal.Cable = Entry min-max...

Starts From: $1.10

HIFI INSULATORS Injection moldedEnergy absorbing Vibration reducing Brushed aluminium Outer wrap decorGold Coloured

Order Code : RFG44GD

M3 THREADED BOLT AND SOCKET Hexagonal threaded spacer. Widely used for single or multi-layer PCB mounting. Nylon-66...

Starts From: $0.56

M3 THREADED THROUGH Hexagonal threaded spacer. Widely used for single or multi-layer PCB mounting. Nylon-66 fireproof...

Starts From: $0.31


Order Code : 1427DINCLIP

ABS IP65 CAS0300 & RP Kit includes four flanges and mounting screws for each corner. Suits mounting enclosures...

Order Code : MNT0370

Self adhesive general purpose

Starts From: $0.35

RACK CAGE NUTS Black screw cross-head with Plastic washer and Cage Nut. Suit racks. Order one to receive a bag of 4.

Starts From: $1.98

BAGS OF 50x NUTS/BOLTS/WASHERS Pan head Posi Bolt x50 Nut x50 & Washer x50

Starts From: $21.70


Starts From: $1.50

CHASSIS MOUNT 10 PIECES Please Order ONE to Receive a bag of 10.

Starts From: $2.00

NON-SCRATCH RUBBER BASE Plastic feet with coloured decal outer. 3mm thick rubber surface for non-slip, non-scratch...

Starts From: $2.48

Miscellaneous Nuts & Bolts suitable for heat sink applications.

Starts From: $0.15
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