Covers all mobiles bands including Wifi

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TO SUIT 3G/NEXT G + 4G LTE NETWORK 3.5dBi car antenna cable black with 2 metres leadFrequency:...

Order Code : ANT478

Solid white 6.25mm thick fibreglass with PVC coatingThis antenna is factory tuned to 27.145MHz and covers the entire...

Order Code : DX160CDW

Product No Longer Available.
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LTE / 3G / WLAN / 700-2700MHZ / NEXT-G / GSM 900/1800 Directional antenna for LTE/CDMA800/GSM/3G/WLAN/Wimax...

Order Code : ANT476

LOW PROFILE Low Profile Only 320mm LongLow SWR (best on a gutter mount)Covered with durable PolyolefinMade In Australia

Order Code : ANT2714

DUAL BAND 2.4GHZ & 5GHZ N600 Wireless Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point EAP220EAP Controller Software enables...

Starts From: $102.00

5GHz 23dBi Outdoor Panel Antenna OUTDOOR PANEL Long distance point-to-point connection, providing stable wireless...

Order Code : ANT5823B

Product No Longer Available.
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2x2 MIMO 9dBi/13dBi DIRECTIONAL TP-LINK’s 5.0GHz or 2.4GHz 300Mbps (9dBi or 13dBi) Outdoor CPE, the CPE210 is...

Starts From: $75.90

Engineered and tested for the best possible DVB-T reception with high quality manufacture and very economical. Vertical...

Order Code : BUTRIF

2.4GHz 8.5dBi Directional Pico Cell Antenna LEVEL-ONE 8.5dB Indoor / Outdoor panel Uni-Directional 70 2.4-2.7GHz...

Order Code : WAN-2185

2.4GHz 8.5dBi Directional Pico Cell Antenna DIRECTIONAL BRIDGING 10W Directional Yagi rod points at destination. Wall...

Order Code : WAN-2185

SUITABLE FOR GSM AND 3G NETWORKS - NOT SUITABLE FOR TELSTRA NEXTG Fiberglass Base Station Antenna with 20mm aluminium...

Order Code : ANT546WH

Product No Longer Available.
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These antennas are suitable for mounting on any marine vessel. They are ground plane independent and provide a unity...

Order Code : BEN02133


Starts From: $121.55

Excellent gain, ease of installation and transport thanks to the elements folding. Optimised for Australian Digital...

Order Code : TERZA6HD

LTE / 3G / WLAN / 700-2700MHZ / NEXT-G / GSM 900/1800

Order Code : ANT473

300M PoE OMNI - EDIMAX Multiple modes; Access point, WDS Point to point, WDS Point to multiple points, and...

Order Code : EW-7428HCN

For maximum DAB+ radio signal and to reduce the interference of other frequencies, then go for the DAB+ folded dipole....

Order Code : ANT-DAB1
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