RG6 & RG6QUAD Only 22mm when compressed

Order Code : F337

Suit HT507 Tool

Order Code : F507

"F" Male-Female Low pass filter out LTE transmissions. Passes 5MHz to 694MHz. Filters out all above 694MHz with -55dB...

Order Code : FL-694LP

RUST PROOF Push on ‘F’ connector. Revolutionary patented design. Simply strip your cable, peel back the braid and push...

Order Code : F367

FOXTEL® F30574 RG6 F-type compression connector. Approved by Foxtel (F30574) and Telstra for use on satellite and...

Order Code : APFTRSF6L

MINIMISE LTE INTERFERENCE FROM AFFECTING THE TV SIGNAL New FAE60 Television Interference Filter passes up to channel...

Order Code : FAE60
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