These glue sticks are 12mm in diameter. Suitable for GG60W glue gun.

Starts From: $3.95

This fantastic hot melt glue gun is ideal for a wide variety of bonding jobs including the following; toys, models,...

Order Code : GG60W

USES SMALLER GLUE STICKS This simple to use mini glue gun is suitable for use with toys, models, decorations,...

Order Code : MGG10

10cm x 7mm GLUE STICKS These 7mm glue sticks are suitable for the compact hot glue gun. Each stick is ~100mm long....

Starts From: $3.95

10cm x 11mm GLUE STICKS Quality product Nicholson brand Suit Glue guns dries clear Order One to Receive ten 11mm x...

Order Code : NGGS10

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HIGH POWER 60W Professional portable Nicholson brand tool Mains powered gun Bonus plastic case and storage for the...

Order Code : NGG60D
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