MODULAR CRIMPING AND STRIPPING TOOLKIT - This crimping and stripping toolkit consists of a 4 pieces crimping and...

Order Code : CT82155

CABLE STRIPPER & SPLITTING TOOL - Swivel blade is suitable for stripping circular cables around the cable jacket or...

Order Code : CT82123

UNIVERSAL CABLE STRIPPER - NETWORKER - Suitable for coaxial cable RG59, RG6, RG7 and RG11, round networking cable, and...

Order Code : CT82080

UNIVERSAL CABLE STRIPPER - For stripping round cable, stranded wire, multi-conductor cable and irregular out shape...

Order Code : CT82071

Thumb ring action with blade depth trim and positioning.

Starts From: $19.95

SINGLE ACTION AUTO Suit cable 0.5-6.0mm Grips and strips in one hand grip press Adjustable pressure. Adjustable cable...

Order Code : GTA002

SINGLE ACTION AUTO Several Gauge slots. Insert cable into correct slot and squeeze the handle.

SELF-ADJUSTING Designed for easy wire stripping. The alloy steel can strip all types of cable from AWG 10-26 gauge...

Starts From: $32.50

RG6, 58, 59, 174 Strips to most crimp plugsSet blade depth once

Order Code : HT332

HTS501A CABLE STRIPPER Patented device for stripping the covers off todays modern cable styles, eg. STP/UTP 4P/6P/8P...

Order Code : HTS501A

Suits most crimp plugs Adjustable blade depth Suits RG6 (5C2V) RG58 (3C2V) RG59 (4C2V)

Starts From: $19.95
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