With a wide selection of DIY speaker kits at very competitive prices, Wagner is the ideal place for you to find your next set of speakers. Whether you’re looking for the best stereo speakers in Australia or the latest and greatest from SB Acoustics, a quality Dayton Audio speaker kit or HDSK, you’ll find the leading range of speaker kits in Australia right here in our online electronics superstore. We offer a variety of different types of stereo speaker systems for home and professional settings, including floorstanding speaker kits, subwoofer speaker kits and studio monitor speaker kits. Importantly, we’re committed to providing audiophiles around the country with the best possible equipment for their needs.

Opting for audio speaker kits

At Wagner, we understand that good-quality audio is an investment. That’s why so many enthusiasts opt for DIY speaker box kits. It’s a more cost-effective way of getting the sound you want without having to pay for costly options for big brands. Choosing to build your own speakers may seem daunting at first. But all of our kits are easy to assemble and install, whether you’re an experienced audiophile or just beginning your journey into the world of sound. We’re also a leading stockist of SB Acoustics, helping bring you an extensive range of guaranteed quality to your next listening experience. No matter what purpose you require speakers for, you’ll be able to find DIY options for exactly what you need.

Speaker building

If you’ve been wondering how to build your own speaker kits or how to build a stereo sound system at home for music or surround sound, the team at Wagner will be able to help you with the process. As keen speaker design enthusiasts ourselves, we can provide you with the information you need around getting your ideal setup together. So you don’t need to wonder how to build speakers any more — just get in touch with Wagner today.

Your number one source for stereo speaker kits in Australia

Whether you want a single surround sound speaker kit or a complete set of home theatre speaker kits, you’ll easily be able to find the DIY kits you need right here at Wagner Online. With everything from home theatre speakers to professional-grade studio equipment, you can see our full range right here on the page — including Ribbon speaker kits, SBA speaker kits and DIY surround sound speaker kits.

Wherever you live and work around Australia, you can order DIY speaker kits from us and have them delivered to you in just a few days. We use reliable couriers to make sure that every DIY speaker box kit we sell arrives in perfect condition.

In addition to our range of audiophile speaker kits, we stock a full range of audio speaker and PA equipment, covering all the needs of audio installers and AV system integrators across the country. You will also find a complete range of separate speaker components, all of which are suitable for professional audio installations.

If you’re looking for something special that you cannot find on our website, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to us during business hours. We’ll be happy to help you locate the products you require. If you need any assistance with your purchases or you have any questions about a specific product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

KITS COMPLETE REQUIRE ASSEMBLY - SOLD IN PAIRS SASANDU is a large 3-way floor standing speaker showcasing the advanced...

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SOLD IN SEPARATED PARTS - SEE OPTIONS BELOW Sasandu means “sounded instrument” and is a traditional Indonesian harp...

Aurum-Cantus genuine ribbon super tweeter D’Appolito MTM design offers a very high 92.5dB efficiency with pin-point...

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FULLY ASSEMBLED - ALSO AVAILABLE AS A KIT [BR-1] The high-end Dayton Audio BR-1 2-way monitor is based on the popular...

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SPEAKER KIT REQUIRES ASSEMBLY - SUPPLIED WITH ALL PARTS REQUIRED The high-end Dayton Audio BR-1 2-way monitor is based...

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ONE ACTIVE DRIVER WITH TWO PASSIVE RADIATORS Extra compact high performance subwoofer unit for a lower WAF impact but...

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