Whether you’re looking to upgrade an outdated system, replace a damaged subwoofer or create a state of the art home theatre, Dayton Audio has the highest-quality range of equipment — and it’s all available right here at Wagner Online. From bass shakers, horn waveguides and passive radiators to high-powered and compact titanic dome audio gear, browse our range of Dayton audio speakers online for unbelievable sound and an unmatched listening experience. Dayton speakers can be attached to virtually any flat surface to produce quality sound, making them perfect for metal cabinets, glass panes, wood tiles and inside display cabinets.

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Within our Dayton Audio Australia range, you’ll find a collection of compact and robust passive radiators. Powered by air pressure that’s created by smaller surrounding speaker cones in modern sound systems, the sleek and minimal design still offers a terrific base, giving your surround sound an extra oomph while your woofer is powered to deliver deep, resonant tones. These models are perfect for extra-small designs like smart speakers, soundbars and portable Bluetooth speakers. Complete with a rear-mounted post that allows for easy adjustment, passive radiators are easy to install and DIY friendly.

If you’re on the hunt for a small Dayton speaker that delivers high-quality sound, we have loudspeakers in our range that are perfect for modern audio applications. Our range includes docking stations, speaker bars and satellite speakers. We also stock high performing, low-distortion motor systems that provide exceptional clarity, detail and dynamics. With a heavy-duty 6-hole cast frame, compliant suspension, and rigid black anodised aluminium cones, this speaker delivers strong bass performance.

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Sturdy, durable and extremely reliable, our range of innovative Dayton loudspeakers provide superior sound quality and unbelievable performance. No matter what system you’re hoping to build or elevate, we have all the high-tech equipment in our range to complete your sound system. Browse our catalogue online today and reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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