OEM LAMP & REFLECTOR LG 6912B22007A Rear projector TVLDP & LCD Zenith6912B-22007A

Order Code : RPL2007A

"Ball & Paddle" General Instrument for a consumer video game ORIGINAL RETRO GAMING CHIP FROM THE 70’S ERA AY-3-8500...

Order Code : AY-3-8500

Order Code : HR6683

HDMI SOURCE ANALYSER Checking both source and display devices. LED can show status of both input and output device....

Order Code : CH-A1

SHARP OEM Inverter board to Back light tube connection socket Original sharp OEM

Order Code : QSOCFA005


Order Code : EHT7533

EHT TRANSFORMER Cathode Ray Tube Line Output Transformer for restoring an old arcade machine with inbuilt CRT screen....

Order Code : EHT7375

Sony Trinitron Chassis AE1, DE1, DE2, GP2a, SCC-B21M Flyback / High Voltage Transformer

Order Code : EHT7245

Sony LOPT chassis QE1 LOPT Genuine HR6413 Diemen to suit a Sony KV2705 chassis QE1, direct equivalent to Sony Part...

Order Code : EHT6413

MONITORS COMMODORE MERCURY SC1425, 1081, 1084, 1084P, 1084S, 1084S-P, 1084SP, CM8833, CM8833-00G, CM8505, CM8762,...

Order Code : EHT7506

PYE KRISLER Line Output Transformer Extra High Tension Flyback suit CRT Cathode Ray Tube television.Philips, Pye,...

Order Code : EHT6216


Order Code : EHT50

Monitor Only B&W CRT 4" MONITOR ONLY Excellent economical solution with Low-profile side projection 4” B&W picture...

Order Code : H4-68

AC TRANSFORMER - DOES NOT ISOLATE - LIVE AC Technicians Repair/Service Instrument. 240Vac Mains Plug Input with...

Order Code : MP3080

“WARNING WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL BROKEN OR TAMPERED WITH.” Place over screws and seals to prevent tampering. Suit repair...

Order Code : WL500

20"TV 102μH(0.102mH) Horizontal-linearity coil Popular TV part used in many models including Akai, NEC, Tempest,...

Order Code : L102

Premature Failure Of Chip In Power Supply! Changing values of the surrounding components for more reliable service....

Starts From: $15.25

4822 310 20489 Power supply parts OEM, 27x OEM Parts including Surface mount components. KIT SBC7020

Order Code : KIT489

SMR40200-KIT IC MOD-KIT Fault in Switch Mode Power Supply. When replacing one, the other will blow! Kit...

Order Code : SMR40200-KIT

Start-up PTC resistor Used in TV switchmode Samsung, LG, etc. P2462-J29, P190, 1404-000182, etc.

Order Code : PTC182

PTC Thermistor Nichicon Posi-R ZPB53-BL200C

Order Code : PTC20

As used in many Asian TVs and HR-Diemens LOPTs. Solid core tip for snap-fit or soldering.SOLDER WIRE

Order Code : HV1663

As used in CRT-TV270V - 15mA

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