WITH PIEZO IGNITION Easy-to-handle, requires no power cord or batteries and is electrically completely neutral. With a...

Order Code : WP4

AUSTRALIAN MADE - PROFESSIONAL GRADE - ALUMINIUM BODY Innovative rechargeable battery powered cordless soldering irons...

Starts From: $349.00

WITH RING TERMINALS 35cm earth cable with ring terminals on both ends (O.D.: 11mmØ, I.D. 6mmØ)Can be used for...

Order Code : LY-SB10

WELLER 5 cleaning sponges per packSize: 70x55x15mmSuitable for Weller WMPH/WPH81 iron holders.

Order Code : T0052241999

Cleans your soldering iron tips with the brass sponge to keep it dry and prevent oxidation that forms on the tip.

Order Code : RW1509

The soldering stand will hold your soldering iron perfectly. And the brass sponge will clean your soldering iron tips...

Order Code : HT1509

Soldering iron stand with holderWith solder feeder that can hold up to 900g roll of soldering wireA special sponge for...

Starts From: $12.00

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION 80W soldering iron with black plastic handle. Long life tip. Mica heater. 3 pin SAA power plug.

Starts From: $14.95


Starts From: $63.95

EASY REFILL WITH ANY BRAND OF BUTANE GAS This butane powered torch offers precision flame, excellent control, compact...

Order Code : PT-110

HOLDS UP TO 200mm BOARD FOR SOLDERING JOBS This handy tool allows you to hold various sizes of PC boards when...

Order Code : ZD-11E

The flux pen features a fibre brush tip for accurate and reliable application of flux fluid for soldering application....

Starts From: $8.95

USES A COMMON LIGHTER Piezo Electronic Ignition system with safety locking switch (MJ-300) or Child Resistant Ignition...

Starts From: $24.95

10 GRAM TIP POLISHING PASTE The Hakko FS-100 paste re-tins oxidized soldering iron tips and is 100% Lead-Free. The...

Order Code : FS100

The FM-2032 micro soldering iron extends precision micro soldering capabilities to a variety of HAKKO soldering and...

Starts From: $329.00

The FX-100 soldering system brings induction heat soldering technology to an even higher performance level. The unique...

Starts From: $999.00
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