PROFESSIONAL TOOL FOR EXTRACTING IC The simple to use IC extractor features a thumbwheel that allows you to maintain...

Order Code : HT609D

HOLDS UP TO 200mm BOARD FOR SOLDERING JOBS This handy tool allows you to hold various sizes of PC boards when...

Order Code : ZD-11E

CABLE ASSIST One end to enlarge space between shield and insulation for RG59, the other RG6. Another end to lock “F”...

Order Code : HT224D

PUNCH CUTTER Cuts up to 18AWG ~1.2mm soft steel and aluminium, etc. Drill a 9.5mm hole Insert head and squeeze handles...

Order Code : HT204

CAULKING GUN Standard friction type Dripless. All metal. 5:1 thrust ratio. Smooth ratchet Suit standard ~8" Caulking...

Order Code : HT816

A THIRD HAND! Workbench assistant. Made in the USA. Cast Iron base. Reinforced fibre plastic fingers Jaws open 73mm....

Order Code : PV201

POLY-BRISTLE Classic paint brush Wooden handle Quality Firm bristle clampedwont loose stray hairs Suit dusting too,...

Starts From: $4.95

6" 10oz Short handle hammer Solves awkward nails Magnetic head holds nail initially too! Extra-strengthened Carbon...

Order Code : PAO5308

14" 20oz Extra-strengthened. Carbon steel head drop-forged with Poly-fibre mast. Rubber grip handle 345mm total length...

Order Code : PAO5000

HIGH-TENSILE STEEL All metal hand tool for scribing many surfaces Sharpened point ends One straight, other bent 175mm...

Order Code : HT1824

WRAP/UNWRAP WIRE POST Manual wire wrap hand tool Old-school type electronics Wraps 22-28AWG solid-core wire around...

Order Code : HTWR1

Zinc alloy Metal body. Retractable blade locks Blade storage in handle Hand comfort 140mm long

Starts From: $5.95

PLASTIC BODY 140mm Lockable pocket size With Snap Off Blades

Order Code : HT310

For those delicate ICs with pins on all sides. This extractor first hooks under the diagonal corners then pulls upward...

Order Code : CY850

10" COMPONENT GRIP Box joint adjustable 9mm/35mm (Parallel) Grips components for safe and controlled extraction of...

Order Code : YF-6254
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