OPTIMISED FOR AUDIO APPLICATIONS Adopting the newly developed formation method and composite electrolytic paper for...

Starts From: $1.00

RADIAL CAN SHAPE, HIGH TEMPERATURE ENDURANCE TAD Gold Caps in radial “can” shape are especially made for those British...

Starts From: $17.50

100μF 450VDC Genuine Fischer & Tausche GmbH metallised film foil aluminium capacitor.

Order Code : 100RT450

LOW IMPEDANCE, HIGH RELIABILITY Low impedance electrolytic capacitor. Long life with 5000 hours of load life.

Starts From: $0.36

15,000μF 100Vdc SCREW TERMINALS As used in audio amplifiers etc.

Starts From: $42.50

100+100μF 500Vdc F&T direct replacement type caps, dual value electrolytic aluminium Premium quality made in Germany.

Order Code : FT100X100
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