When you’re in need of a portable and cordless solution, a gas soldering iron makes for quick repairs. Rapidly heating up to a suitable temperature without the need for a power cord or batteries, this easy-to-handle tool is ideal when you’re working in tight or confined areas that are hard to reach. If you’re looking for a sturdy, safe and reliable piece of equipment that will get any job done, pick up one of our gas heated soldering irons online today.

Gas soldering iron kits complete with all the tools you need

Whether you need it for electronic applications or heat shrink tubing, we have a range of kits containing gas soldering guns with various self-igniting tips. Offering the latest soldering technology along with unmatched precision and innovation, you’ll be equipped with all the necessary supplies you need for safe and practical application. You’ll also find Butane solder irons and blowers in our range that are self-igniting and ESD safe.

We also offer jam-packed kits that are complete with safety stands, cleaning sponges, solder dispensers, blow torches, hot air blowers and hot knife cutters. Plus, with a built-in safety shut off, a polypropylene carry case holder, and adjustable temperatures, you can rest assured that safe work is guaranteed.

Single gas soldering iron pens for on the go work

Whether you’re travelling to a job site or are in need of a compact piece of equipment that can fit in your pocket, we have a range of single gas heated soldering irons and pens. With some gear offering a gas capacity of 63ml, these pens are designed for high-temperature applications, with hot air nozzles, heat shrink attachments and a spanner included in the kit. With no batteries required, it can be recharged in a matter of seconds from a butane can.

Pick up your gas soldering iron online today

We are known for supplying electricians and technicians with high-quality tools that are suitable for a range of applications. Browse our catalogue online today and feel free to reach out to our expert team if you have any questions about our sturdy and durable equipment.

LARGE 530°c IRON WITH PIEZO IGNITION Easy-to-handle, requires no power cord or batteries and is electrically...

Order Code : WP4


Starts From: $59.25

IRON & KIT This kit contains 1x IRODA Multipurpose Gas Soldering Gun with a range of tips and accessories including...

Order Code : PRO50KIT

KIT INCLUDES BUTANE IRON TIPS BLOWER & CASE The kit comprises the IRODA Gas Soldering Iron supplied in a handy carry...

Starts From: $89.65

BUTANE IRON & SOLDERING TIP ONLY The advanced IRODA Soldering Iron offers go-anywhere soldering convenience,with an...

Starts From: $64.90

1 Ft SELF IGNITING IRON Large Heavy-Duty Butane. 300mm long with 10mm tip. For high temp applications. Temp Range...

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