SOLDERED PLUG The 10108A Mobile antenna lead is pre-terminated with an Australian type quality UHF base 5/16” Male...

Order Code : CBL13A

Extra strength solid insulator with PL259 thread.

Order Code : PLA

SIDE ENTRY SO239 Large super-heavy-duty side entry SO239 to SO239 base that suits PL259 type antennas. Mobile one SAM2S

Order Code : CBB102

Solder type for affixing PL259 antennas. Wide band UHF Stainless steel. Benelec 04110L

Order Code : CBB5

GROUNDED SO239 5/16" Antenna to SO239 Socket. Wide bandwidth Suit UHF, etc. Premium grade long-life Delrin weather...

Order Code : CBB6

½" Bolt through 15mm mounting hole to PL259 Plug. Suitable for 3 & 6ft heavy duty whips. Ground independent ½"...

Order Code : CBB4

Ground plane antenna base ½" Mounting Hole to 5/16". UHF up to 520MHz. Benelec 02740

Order Code : CBB3

UHF CB BASE SO239 Socket 5.0M RG58 Coax Suit ½" Hole Requires bracket Heatshrink sealed Benelec 10109 Plug FME Female

Order Code : CBL15

SO239 ½" Base FME Male Plug LL100 0.4M Coax. Benelec 10109C

Starts From: $19.95

MOULDED PL259 PLUG RG58U 3.6M Coax With 5/16" base

Order Code : CBL13
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