1200mm QUAD BAND 35MHZ TO 440MHZ Designed especially for UHF & Low band VHF Commercial Bands, Airband , and in some...

Order Code : ANT880

Designed especially for UHF Commercial Bands, Hi and low VHF Commercial Bands scanning, and in some cases can also be...

Order Code : ANT879

DOUBLE SIX ELEMENT 60MHz - 1000MHz Scanner type Antenna 1000mm in height and 900mm in Diameter. 1.8dBi Gain Omni....

Order Code : ANT418

900mm LAND-MOBILE Wideband Scanner 21MHz - 900MHz. Epoxy. Mobile Antenna. Heavy Duty whip.

Order Code : ANT417

1.2M BROAD-BAND Multi-element dipole antenna uses a combination of many antennas in one. Designed for extreme...

Order Code : ANT873

1000mm Mobile One SCATX 25MHz - 1300MHz Broadband Heavy Duty Fibreglass Omni whip. True 50Ω Impedance @...

Order Code : ANT871

350mm SCANDUCKY 25MHz - 1300MHz BNC direct plug hand-held scanner broadband antenna UHF ¼ Wave and VHF & HF helical....

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