3 input RF modulator with IR PRO2 This RF modulator enables you to convert and transport 3 analogue AV sources to your...

Order Code : RFMX3IR

The RF modulator with IR return can control the AV source device without having to be in the same room or leaving...

Order Code : RFD2169IR

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RFMX3IR View Substitute Product

DISTRIBUTE VIDEO OVER VHF/UHF ANALOGUE Converts any Composite AV source eg. cameras, etc. into analogue RF TV channel...

Order Code : RF5300F

COMPOSITE RCA OR SCART INPUT Inserts a video signal into your antenna line for easy TV connection. Digital locked...

Order Code : RF2900

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

RF5300 View Substitute Product

COMPOSITE VIDEO & AUDIO INPUT Transmits picture and sound to channel 0 or 1 for viewing on TVs without any RCA input...

Order Code : MOD650
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