DAYTON PERFECT LAYER SERIES 300W RMS Dayton Audio 18 gauge perfect layer wound air core inductors are an excellent...

Starts From: $4.35

Dayton Audio 20 gauge air core inductors are a great choice and the best value for building high quality crossovers....

Starts From: $4.62

PACK OF FIVE PIECES EACH Ferrite core, wire wound, Surface Mount Device.Tolerance 10%, Size 5x8mmØ ROHS

Starts From: $3.25

10μH step 10μH to 111.1mH Size 147x117x51mm Yellow ABS. Values are ±5% at 1KHz/1V/10mA.

Order Code : LBOX405

18AWG COPPER WIRED 1mm High purity 18AWG copper with low DC resistance AIR-CORE wound on a plastic bobbin for...

Starts From: $4.29

S14 SERIES OFC AIR-CORE 14AWG 1.63mm High grade, low-loss, pure 99.99% copper wire. Air-core. Very low...

Starts From: $22.05
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