USB-C Accessories Collection - WESNEWS FEATURED PRODUCT RANGE A collection of our most popular USB-C accessories to...

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PROLINK HDMI 2.1 INTERCONNECTS These Active Optical Fibre cables support HDMI 2.1, 8K@60Hz HDR and 48Gbps of...

Starts From: $119.00

USB-C plug to HDMI socket video cable adaptor, supports 4K @ 60Hz This USB-C to HDMI converter adaptor is designed...

Order Code : PF500B

USB Type-C to DisplayPort video cable, supports 8K @ 30Hz video resolution, 1.8M This USB-C to DisplayPort cable...

Order Code : PF308K8-0180

USB Type-C to DisplayPort video adaptor, supports 8K @ 30Hz video resolution SUPPORTS VIDEO RESOLUTION UP TO 8K @ 30Hz ...

Order Code : PF405K8

HDMI-A male to Displayport male cable 4K30Hz This active HDMI to Displayport cable connects your HDMI source to a...

Order Code : CL8806-2

USB TYPE C TO MULTI PORT 5 IN 1 CONNECTIVITY This USB Type-C multimedia hub is suitable for Macbooks and laptops with...

Order Code : WG505E

TRANSMIT BALANCED AUDIO UP TO 300M VIA UTP CABLE This 3 pin XLR over cat5/6 extender system is made up of a...

Starts From: $209.40

HDMI V2.1 HYBRID FIBRE-OPTIC & COPPER INTERCONNECTS The Hybrid active optical fibre HDMI cables have 48Gbps bandwidth...

Starts From: $119.00

HDMI SLIM 8K/60HZ, 4K/120HZ A-A PLUG, V2.1 SLIM - ONLY 3.2MM DIAMETER Ultra high speed HDMI cable supports data...

Order Code : PF331S-0150

PREMIUM 3.5MM AUX AUDIO CABLE (1.5M / BLACK) 3.5mm AUX stereo plug to stereo plug lead. 1.5M long.It has a tough...

Order Code : APL110B

This Active High Speed HDMI cable features an active signal processing chip in the plug to support bandwidth at up to...

Starts From: $59.95

Displayport To HDMI-A Socket 0.15M Prolink, Supports 8K30 resolution 80K @ 30Hz This DisplayPort to HDMI cable adaptor...

Order Code : PF355K8

BRAIDED NYLON PROTECTED - HDMI CERTIFIED The Prolink ultra certified HDMI cable is a HDMI version 2.1 cable designed...

Starts From: $24.50

SMA 'M' to SMA 'F' with high grade, low-loss LMR240 cable.

Starts From: $22.50

SMA 'M' to N 'M' with high grade, low-loss LMR240 cable.

Starts From: $21.50

WITH POWER INJECTOR This Prolink USB-C to HDMI adaptor is designed for MacBook and ChromeBook. Supports video...

Starts From: $36.50

Quickly adapt and split signals between genders of 3 pin XLR connections. 20cm length.

Order Code : P0764

3 pin XLR female to dual 3 pin XLR male plugs. Ideal for feeding one signal into two amplifiers. 20cm length.

Order Code : P0761

HDMI A Male to Male, retractable 1.8M long. Supports 1920x1080 full HD resolution. Retractable HDMI male to HDMI male...

Order Code : CL54018

APPLE ORIGINAL TYPE C TO LIGHTNING CABLE 1M 1M USB Type-C to Apple Lightning charging cable.

Order Code : MDC9160

HDMI 2.1 LEADS CERTIFIED BY HDMI.ORG The Prolink premium certified HDMI cable is a HDMI version 2.1 cable designed to...

Starts From: $16.95

XLR-3F to 6.35mm Mono Jack (3ft - 0.9m)

Order Code : ATC7031
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