ELEVATED FEED HEAVY DUTY High gain, high performance. Ultra rugged, all S/S construction. 3mm thick fibreglass...

Starts From: $314.60

RUGGED & SHORT Compact and rugged. Fibreglass enclosed. Spring base. Removable.

Starts From: $96.95

Ultra rugged, broadband, flexi dipole.Full band operation. 450-520MHz.PL259 Male Plug base

Order Code : ANT541

CHANGE GAIN / APPLICATION For a vertically omnidirectional, use the shorter 50cm antenna. eg. In a convoy in rugged...

Order Code : ANT540BK

3dB GROUND INDEPENDENT The construction features a Black Radome with built–in spring and a copper radiator. Under...

Starts From: $82.20

EXCELLENT PRICING FROM AERPRO Fibreglass Whip Multiple Loading.

Order Code : CBA5F1

5.4dbi 477MHz Coil Loaded Stainless Steel Whip.No base supplied. Requires CBBL1/2 Aerpro.

Order Code : CBA4S1

Elevated feedHeavy Duty Spring6dbi 455MHz65cm WhipFME female plug + PL259 adaptor. Aerpro

Order Code : CBA3F1L

Elevated feed base with two antennas.3dbi 477MHz 15cm Flexible Antenna.6dbi 477MHz 65cm High-Gain whip.FME female plug...

Order Code : CBA36F1L

EXCELLENT PRICING FROM AERPRO Enclosed ABS tube whip Heavy Duty Spring Base to 1/2" hole mount.

Order Code : CBA2T1

477MHz 880mm GAIN-MASTER 880mm fibreglass 6.5dB 200W collinear. Antenna base kit elevated with centre feed. Ground...

Order Code : ANT824WH

Product No Longer Available.
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Direct to plug connection. Ground independent 1/2 wave. Made with tough nylon tubing covered with polyolefin. This...

Starts From: $32.73

BENELEC DESERT STICK High gain performance in a ruggedised package. Polished Stainless Steel mounting section, and a...

Starts From: $171.16

BENELEC REMOVABLE SERIES Rugged design fibreglass enclosed. Heavy-duty spring with above detachable antenna via SO239...

Starts From: $92.51

HEAVY DUTY SPRING Supplied complete with a robust Mobile Spring Assembly making it ideally suited to a range of...

Starts From: $118.25

ROOF MOUNT The Benelec 02623 is 4.5dB gain, roof mount fibreglass antenna covering all UHF commercial Mobile Radio...

Order Code : ANT534

Fibreglass collinear with large heavy duty spring and 12ft coax. Available in white or black. This antenna can be...

Starts From: $150.00

1/2 wave ground plane independent antenna with a SMA connector designed especially for exposed SMA connectors on hand...

Starts From: $39.95
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