SDI to CV/SV Scaler 3G-SDI TO SV/CV SCALER The CLUX-SDI2CSS allows SD, HD and 3G-SDI signals to be shown on SV/CV...

Order Code : CLUX-SDI2CSS

Multiple format to SDI/HDMI Scaler The CLUX-M2SDI is designed to switch and upscale HDMI/PC/Component/Composite...

Order Code : CLUX-M2SDI

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

CSLUX-300I View Substitute Product

SDI to 2x SDI Scaler The CSDI-12SR allows an SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signal to be scaled and split to two...

Order Code : CSDI-12SR

HDMI to SDI Converter with Audio TRANSMIT AUDIO & VIDEO ON 3G-SDI The CLUX-H2SDIA allows HDMI signals to be shown on...

Order Code : CLUX-H2SDIA

SDI to HDMI Converter with Audio SHOWS SDI SOURCE ON HDMI DISPLAY The CLUX-SDI2HCA allows SD, HD and 3G-SDI signals to...

Order Code : CLUX-SDI2HCA

DVI to SDI converter with Audio TRANSMIT ANALOGUE AUDIO & DVI VIDEO ON 3G-SDI The DVI to SDI Converter allows DVI-D...

Order Code : CLUX-DVI2SDIA
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