PC Peripherals and Accessories

Looking for laptop or desktop PC accessories for gaming, professional or personal use? Then browse the massive selection of computer PC accessories and essential PC gaming accessories in our online store now!

Mice & keyboards

They are the most common methods of entering data into a computer, yet we don’t realise how essential our keyboards and mice are until we don’t have them. Whether you need a keyboard for gaming or work, choosing the best keyboard and mouse to suit your needs can make a massive difference when it comes to spending time in front of a computer.

Cables & adapters

Most people have a collection of random cables and PC accessories in a box or drawer somewhere. But somehow, we never seem to have the exact item we’re looking for! When not having the right cables could mean not being able to turn on a device, or you can’t connect your PC to your TV you just bought to stream Netflix, a PC accessories store with a wide range, great prices, and speedy delivery like Wagner Online is a godsend!

Headsets, speakers & webcams

In today’s world where working from home and Zoom meetings are becoming standard procedure, PC accessories that ensure you can always be seen and heard by your colleagues (and vice versa) is essential. And that means you need the best-quality headsets, speakers and webcams that also suit your budget. With a vast range of products and brands to choose from, our online store is the perfect place to find your computer PC accessories.

From mice and keyboards to headsets, webcams and more, you’ll find an incredible selection of computer PC accessories at Wagner Online. Browse our selection of affordable PC accessories today. And to make our customers' online shopping experience even better, we offer Australia-wide delivery as well as Click & Collect for Sydney-based customers.

SWITCH CARDIOID / OMNIDIRECTIONAL POLAR PATTERNS Classic styled condenser microphone offers crystal clear quality...

Order Code : MIC-101

2K 1440p QHD web cam, USB output with inbuilt mic AUTO-FOCUS This 1440p QHD webcam is suitable for use with your...

Order Code : WEB217

1080p Full HD web cam, USB output with inbuilt mic AUTO-FOCUS This 1080p Full-HD webcam is suitable for use with your...

Order Code : WEB216

Slim Desk Mount Condenser Mic - terminated with USB-C with USB-A adaptor GOOSENECK TO DESK BASE OR MONITOR MOUNT The...

Order Code : ATR4750-USB

Lapel mic terminated with USB-C with USB-A adaptor BOUNDARY OR LAPEL MOUNT The Audio Technica ATR4650-USB is a small...

Order Code : ATR4650-USB

24 bit USB Microphone USB-C connector with headphone jack - cables (USB-C USB-C , USB-C USB-A) CARDIOID CONDENSER TO...

Order Code : ATR2500X-USB
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