AC PLUG TO 2x AC SOCKETS Power 2 AC devices from a single Mains outlets.

Order Code : ACL221

AC PLUGS TO 3x IEC C13 SOCKETS Power up to three IEC C13 power outlets from a single Mains plug.

Order Code : ACL603-2

IEC C14 to IEC C5 power cord

Starts From: $7.85

IEC LOCK+ LOCKING REWIREABLE IEC C13 Retrofit in-field. Locks socket.Pull the red handle to unlock.Compatible with any...

Order Code : ACS13-LOCK

IEC SOCKET TO 2X IEC PLUGS IEC C20 to split to two IEC C19 power cord.

Order Code : ACL607-2

CLEAR PLUGS FOR INSPECTION Orange cable with clear plugs for directly viewing connection integrity. Refered to as...

Starts From: $16.40
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