REQUIRES RESIN The joints can be used where cables are buried directly in the ground, on cable trays, on rail...

Starts From: $44.95

Kit of 360 Ring Terminals crimp type - Seki This ring terminal kit includes 360 pieces of popular cable lugs. Colour...

Order Code : SK17403

Faston Quick Disconnect Crimp Terminal

Starts From: $16.95

Kit of 75 Tap Splice Connectors - Seki This tap splice connector kit features a set of T-Taps and 3 sets of pouch...

Order Code : SK17402

Kit of 50 Butt Crimp Heatshrink Connectors - Seki CRIMPLESS BUTT HEAT SHRINK CONNECTORS Comprises heat shrink tubing...

Order Code : SK17401

Kit of 1900 Bootlace Terminal Ferrules - Seki BOOTLACE TERMINALS Cable-End ferrules for terminating multi-strand wire...

Order Code : SK313614

Kit of 480 Terminals, Spade, Ring, Bullet, Butt. - Seki SPADE RING BULLET BUTT Automotive solderless crimp terminals....

Order Code : SK17400

The twin wire bootlace terminal is specifically designed to terminate two wires in the same terminal. Suits 2x...

Starts From: $20.65


Order Code : NLFASTON

Vinyl-insulated double crimp lipped blade terminals. 28x4.2mmØ.

Starts From: $21.10

Bootlace pins are used to terminate conductors, by containing the strands in a thin walled copper sleeve that is...

Starts From: $9.45

4 GA Ring Terminals 2 Red/2 Black 4 GA Ring Terminals 2 Red/2 Black

Order Code : AP4GRT

2 Gauge Ring Terminals 2 Red/2 Black

Order Code : AP2GRT

0 Gauge Ring Terminal Pk 2 1R/1B

Order Code : AP0GRT

Twister® connectors compress and twist wires for a secure physical connection in only seconds. A patented, expanding...

Starts From: $51.25

Bullet terminals with plastic insulation to suit 12 gauge cable. Each package includes 2x black and 2x red terminals.

Starts From: $4.99

12 Gauge Terminals INCLUDES 2x RED, 2x BLACK 12 Gauge male spade terminals pack, 2x red, 2x black.

Order Code : AP716

12GA Speaker Terminals 2 Small/Large 12Ga speaker terminals.2 large (red) and 2 small (black).Common automotive...

Order Code : AP711

12/10 GA Butt Term Packet 12 AERPRO

Order Code : AP710

12 Gauge Terminal Packet 12 The AP708 is a 12 pack of 12 gauge female terminals.Gold-plated TerminalsCompatible with...

Order Code : AP708

8GA FORK TERMINAL (PK12) The AP707 is a 12 pack of 8 gauge male fork terminals.Gold-plated Terminals6 Red, 6 Black

Order Code : AP707

12 GA Spade Terminal Packet 12 The AP705 is a 12 pack of 12 gauge female spade terminals.Gold-plated...

Order Code : AP705

12 GA Fork Terminal Packet 12

Order Code : AP704

8 Gauge Fork Terminal Packet 12 The AP703 is a 12 pack of 8 gauge male fork angled terminals.Gold-plated Terminals6...

Order Code : AP703
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