4x "AA" Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with JST EHR-2 plug.

Order Code : RB899

IDEAL FOR NiCd & NiMH BATTERY PACKS CONSISTING OF 4 TO 10 CELLS (4.8-12V) The NC500U Smart Charger provides a simple...

Order Code : NC500U

5X “AA” NiMH with “JR” plug. 6V 2000mAh 70x52x15mm

Order Code : RB989

Sanyo. High performance, high current dump and fast charging.

Starts From: $58.55

SANYO ENELOOP 8X “AA” Ni-Cd with battery snap. Japanese Sanyo Eneloop cells.

Order Code : RB998

ENELOOP Ni-MH 2000mAh 9.6V Premium Sanyo/Panasonic CellsJR Type Connector

Order Code : RB997
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