Regardless of whether you’re a professional musician with a fine-tuned ear or a beginner experimenting with your first set of amps, it’s easy to tell the difference between tube amps and solid drive amplifiers. While tube amps offer superior sound quality and completely refine the signal produced by your instrument, they are only as good as each of their vacuum tubes. Whether your amps’ tubes need an update or they have stopped working altogether, our affordable and sturdy tubes for guitar amps offer excellent durability, linearity and power handling to create a smooth and warm tone. Browse our entire collection online today to find the amp valve replacements you need.

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Constructed from glass, molybdenum alloy grid, plastic and metal materials, amp valves are a low-maintenance electronic component essential to your amps’ smooth working. From rectifiers to preamps and power tubes, at Wagner Online, we stock only top-rated tube amps from all over the world to ensure your instrument will sound better than ever. So whether you are after a Fender tube amp, a JJ tube valve, a Hammond audio transformer or any other part for your tube amps, we have you covered.

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At Wagner Online, we have a stellar reputation for the quality of our musical gear and the vast range we stock, but that is not the only reason why we are Australia's most trusted electronics shop. With over 25 years of experience dealing in music electronics, we have an impressive wealth of knowledge. So when you are trying to choose between our hundreds of affordable and high-quality valves for amps, get in touch with our audio technicians for help finding the right product for you and your equipment.

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Marshall Style Knob with screw, 6.3 mm Axis, Black with Gold cap.To suit 1/4" / 6.3mm shaft, with set-screw.Includes...

Order Code : KNB-MK

TUBE AMP DOCTOR 1M-log, stereo (can be wired in parallel to achieve a 500KA pot), 1/4" solid metal shaft, solder lug...

Order Code : Z-PA1M

Ceramic Tag Base with Removable Shield SOLDER TAGS 7 PIN 7-pin socket for 6C4, 6AU6, etc., ceramic base with steel...

Order Code : VS715

Double diode, indirectly heated.

Order Code : 6H2

7 Pin Audio Heptode Pentagrin. Chinese replacement for 6BE6.

Order Code : 6A2
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