Chromium bezel supplied WITHOUT an LED.Compatible with most common 3mm LEDs.Remove the plastic back to insert the...

Order Code : MTG3CHRM

Order Code : LED8Y

Infra-Red, etc. Vce Max 5V Dark 100µA Light 20mA

Starts From: $1.50

CHROME PLATED 5mm chrome plated LED panel Mount.

Order Code : MTG5CHRM

Panasonic high sensitivity fast response 50ns with ambient light filter.

Starts From: $4.80

As used in remote controls etc.

Order Code : CQY89


Starts From: $1.33

Suit 5mm LED’s. 6.2mm bezel with locking washer for a more secure hold of the LED to the panel assembly (2.8mm max...

Order Code : MTG5

Order Code : LED25GY


Order Code : LED25GRY


Order Code : LED5GRY


Order Code : LED3GRY

Order Code : LED5GR

Order Code : LED3GR

Starts From: $0.27
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