20cm small 3-Pin M-F extension cable The 3-Pin fan power extension cable lets you extend the power connection between...

Order Code : CA248

Sunon 12V Fan with Vapo Bearing - 40x40x10mm Sunon 40mm DC brushless cooling fan with MagLev type Vapo bearing.Fast...

Order Code : FAN4010M12H

REPLACEABLE 60MM FAN CPU fan and copper core heatsink to suit socket 478 CPU. It has a 3 Pin power connector.Size:...

Order Code : FAN160

Titan 12V Fan with Ball Bearing - 20x20x8mm 2cm Fans Single Ball Fan. Daichi.

Order Code : FAN200812

NON-SILICONE PASTE A non-silicone metal grease with high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance which fills...

Order Code : HTC03

SATA 15 Pin PCB Side TO Molex Power Socket 4 PinAdapts older (Molex 4 pin) items to SATA Power supplies.

Order Code : CA337
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