The Internet of Things — or IoT, as it’s often known — is a means of networking multiple online devices, allowing you to have an integrated system. It’s often used in smart homes, but also has a wide range of applications for businesses and other organisations. In the right hands, a 4G wifi modem can be a gateway to the wider world! Integrated devices are the way of the future, with increased integration able to provide you with the ultimate user experience.

So if you’ve been looking for an IoT modem or an industrial 4G router to create your own IoT network, Teltonika Networks is here to help. Across their range of Teltonika 4G modems, Teltonika 4G routers and other products, you’ll find exactly what you need in order to create your own IoT system. Get your devices linked and create the network that you want for your specific needs.

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With the right 4G modem and router, along with a variety of internet-connected devices, you can build an IoT network from scratch. So it makes sense that you’d want to have the right devices at your fingertips and opt for a brand that specialises in providing IoT services.

You can discover all of the Teltonika products you need right here at Wagner Online. Our extensive range is always expanding, and you’ll be able to create the IoT network you need for your home or office. Whether it’s a 4G wireless modem, a 4G modem with ethernet capability or any other connective device, Teltonika will have what you need.

Shop with Wagner Online today in our online storefront. With nationwide delivery and Sydney-based click-and-collect, you’ll easily be able to get your hands on the tools you need to create your own IoT network. Reach out to us today to discover more.

TELTONIKA TSW210 TSW210 is an unmanaged industrial switch includes 8 Gigabit Ethernet and 2 SFP slots to deliver fast...

Order Code : TSW210-DIN-RAIL

TELTONIKA TSW212 TSW212 is an L2 Teltonika Networks managed Ethernet switch with additional L3 features, like DHCPv6...

Order Code : TSW212

TELTONIKA TSW202 TSW202 is the first-ever Teltonika Networks managed PoE+ Ethernet switch, designed to provide...

Order Code : TSW202

This DIN rail adaptor Kit provides a secure and convenient mounting option for your equipment on a standard 35 mm DIN...

Order Code : PR5MEC23

Din mount kit to suit Teltonika networking equipment.35mm DIN rail standard.Dimensions: 82x46x10mmSuits RUT2XX, RUT3XX,...

Order Code : PR5MEC00

9W power supply. 2 pin AU AC plug. 4-pin power connector.9Vdc 1A output.

Order Code : PR3PUAU3

Frequency range: 699~868 / 1850~2690MHzPolarisation: LinearGain 1.0 dBiVSWR: <3.0Impedance: 50ΩConnector type: SMA...

Order Code : PR1KS210

5G AntennaFrequency range: 617-960 / 1710-2690 / 2900-4200MHzPolarisation: LinearGain 4.0 dBiVSWR: <3.0Impedance:...

Order Code : PR1KC640

BAT120 is the first industrial grade UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in the Teltonika Networks portfolio. BAT120 is...

Order Code : NHT-BAT120

TELTONIKA TAP200 Equipped with dual-band technology, fast roaming, and an RJ45 port with PoE-in functionality, the...

Order Code : TAP200

TELTONIKA TSW304 TSW304 is the ultra-small gigabit network switch comes with an integrated DIN rail mounting option...

Order Code : TSW304

TELTONIKA TSW200 This industrial unmanaged switch includes 8x gigabit PoE ports and 2 SFP ports for long-range...

TELTONIKA TSW110 The TSW110 is a layer 2 unmanaged switch, which is a simplified version of our earlier product –...

Order Code : TSW110

TELTONIKA TSW101 TSW101 is a robust industrial-grade switch with 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 of which can be used to...

Order Code : TSW101

TELTONIKA TSW010 TSW010 offers the most affordable way to extend network connectivity to multiple Ethernet devices....

Order Code : TSW010

TELTONIKA TRM240 TRM240 is an industrial grade, compact 4G/LTE cellular router for IoT applications. This rugged...

Order Code : TRM240

TELTONIKA RUTX14 RUTX14 is the fastest single-modem LTE-A Cat 12 router in the Teltonika Networks product range. This...

Order Code : RUTX14

TELTONIKA RUT956 RUT956 is an industrial 4G/LTE WiFi that combines cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired connectivity options...

Order Code : RUT956

TELTONIKA RUT951 RUT951 is an industrial 4G/LTE WiFi router for IoT applications. This rugged device features dual SIM...

Order Code : RUT951

TELTONIKA The Teltonika RUT300 is a compact, but powerful Ethernet router for demanding industrial and general...

Order Code : RUT300

SUPPORTS AUTOMATIC WAN FAILOVER Teltonika RUT241 Industrial Cellular Router offers unstoppable connection continuity...

Order Code : RUT241

The PR5MEC25 mounts allow you to mount either TSW200 and TSW210 to a 35mm DIN rail.

Order Code : PR5MEC25

The PR5MEC24 mounts allow you to mount either TSW100 and TSW101 to a 35mm DIN rail.

Order Code : PR5MEC24

The PR5MEC22 surface clip holder Kit is compatible with RUT200, RUT240, RUT241, TRB245 and TRB255.

Order Code : PR5MEC22
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