DPDT FOOTSWITCH Used in many effects and switching units. 250Vac 1A (125Vac 3A). Fits Ø11.8mm hole.

Order Code : SWP316

STANDARD DPDT SLIDE Standard DPDT (ON-ON) Low voltage slide switch. Can Replace bright switch in Fenders®.

Order Code : SW30

SPST FOOTSWITCH Can be used in Fenders®, etc. reverb/trem/channel switching pedals.250Vac 3A. Fits Ø11.8mm hole.

Order Code : SWT110P

SPST TOGGLE Power & standby switches that can be used as replacement in Fenders®. 250Vac 3A. Fits Ø11.8mm hole.

Order Code : SWT110

CENTRE OFF DPDT Heavy duty toggle Screw terminal x6 Double pole Double throw Centre OFF Max. 3A 250V

Order Code : SWT127
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