FOXTEL APPROVED F31104 The KMS24 multiswitch has a frequency range of 950-2150 MHz, with a low power consumption & is...

Order Code : KMS24

Connect a dual output LNB with LNB A and LNB B. This will provide horizontal and vertical signals through out the...

Starts From: $39.95

The KDBLOCK is an in-line DC block with a voltage rating at 100V DC max.

Order Code : KDCBLOCK

FOXTEL® APPROVED 2 way F-Type passive tap. Works across the entire terrestrial & satellite bands up from 5 to 2400...

Starts From: $6.05

FOXTEL® APPROVED F30999 75 ohm terminator that is DC blocked.

Order Code : KFTERM01

FOXTEL® APPROVED F31017 F-Type power injector up to 60V DC 2A max. Operates at the frequency 5-2400MHz. For use to...

Order Code : PIK2400
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