Safebuds - 15cm pure cotton tipped rigid wooden sticks. Ideal for cleaning awkward corners and difficult to reach parts...

Order Code : ASBU000

Blu Ray / DVD / Game Drive Cleaning Disc - Detailed audio visual diagnostics while safely and gently cleaning optical...

Order Code : ABDC000

Will clean a CD laser lens without having to dismantle the player. This unique disc has narration and music. Simply...

Order Code : HN3103

Absorbent foam for solvent application, medical grade Small Circular Head. For tight hard to reach...

Order Code : CF4050

MORE SEE TOOLS SECTION Mechanism cleaning swabs in a variety of options.

NO-SCRATCH CLOTH Special material cloth for cleaning opticals like camera and laser lenses, glasses, etc. Non-abrasive...

Order Code : CLN1515
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