Popular Japanese Cassette Mechanism OEM Part

Order Code : RXP0053

Don’t use my good Nail polish dear! Purpose made for locking adjustments, screws, etc. Tamper Evident Seal 15ml.

Starts From: $9.95

Sankyo cassette motors.

Starts From: $15.50

Used in mechanisms with one motor. Longer spindle length for two belt pulleys.The circuit is for a general guide only.

Order Code : 6H9LWSK

Plastic mech P1, P6, etc. With or Without gear.

Starts From: $22.50

When replacing the motor SMA102101 with our substitute motor MMI-6S2L ( page 5-5 ) you will need a new pulley as the...

Order Code : MTP1001

25.6 x 1.2mm & 121.5 x 1.2mm

Order Code : CK2

Height = 3mm (Thick) Outside diameter = 22mmØ Hole = 2.0mmØ

Order Code : CIA725

Order Code : CIA718

2 speed

Order Code : EG530KD2B

Order Code : 500KD9B

SUITS NAKAMICHI DT SERIES Suits Nakamich Cassette decks DT Series

Order Code : RT3319

Suit Older mech’s with jockey wheel type reel assemblies.

Order Code : RT720

Popular Japanese Auto-Reverse Mechanism OEM Parts

Starts From: $10.40

Plastic mech P1, P6, etc. L & R the same.

Order Code : CPR42

Used in plastic decks where the shaft is a part of the roller.

Order Code : CPR16
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