Plugs into the back of the set. Requires Balun (TVB1B)Ext. 1000mmSect. 5

Order Code : ANT109

Adjustable Telescopic Antennae extend to approximately 1M each. Economical and a top performer. Low Loss Balun ensures...

Starts From: $9.95

BUILT-IN LTE FILTER Dual 85cm VHF telescopic + Pivoting/Rotating UHF Loop Antenna.1.8M Fly lead PAL & “F” Plug 30dB...

Order Code : IA800A

Offers good indoor reception with a more rugged construction to handle every day knocks and crashes. 75Ω plug...

Order Code : ANT313

Indoor antenna improving signal reception for FM receivers, etc. 300Ω ribbon loop.

Order Code : FM620

PAL Plug - 300Ω

Order Code : TVB1B
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