Light weightMade with aluminiumFour Pin Bayonet.Includes Jumper Leads.

Order Code : CH10

Unlike line level audio sources you connect to a stereo (DVD/CD players, tape decks, TV audio, minidisc, etc.), the...

Order Code : PA005

This Acrylic Stroboscopic Disc is an easy to use tool to check your turntable speed.Speeds 33⅓, 45 and 78 RPM 50Hz and...

Order Code : RC-110

Designed to improve the sound of your turntable by reducing the amount of resonance and vibration. Allows stylus to...

Order Code : DM207

This easy to use cartridge alignment protractor helps you to properly set your cartridge offset and overhang. ...

Order Code : CA-001

STATIC SPRAY CLEANER Efficiently removes dust, dirt and static build up. Non abrasive for gentle and effective vinyl...

Starts From: $15.95

HDPE FILM PROTECTIVE JACKETS Standard LP record storage sleeves. Protect record from aging effects of dust, moisture...

Starts From: $49.00

250ml FLUID PLUS CLOTH FOR VINYL RECORDS Efficiently removes dust, dirt and static build up. Non abrasive for gentle...

Starts From: $13.95

ANTI-STATIC MICRO-FIBRE BRUSH A gentle brush with the microniser prior to record playing enables a million tiny...

Order Code : DC-05P

Cleaning Cloth ANTI-STATIC CLOTH High quality special material anti static cleaning cloth. Improves sound quality and...

Order Code : DC-103

BRUSH N’ LIQUID Anti-static cleaning solution with a bottle brush in the lid. Professional grade.Remove grit & grime...

Order Code : SC1

LP & CD Kit RECORD & CD MAINTENANCE Give a new life to your music records & CD’s. Super cleaning kit.

Order Code : MHFC-2

LP Cleaning Kit VINYL COLLECTION MAINTENANCE Keep your valuable music collection new & clean .Professional Vinyl...

Order Code : MHFC-9

Add 2.25g / 2.5mm to modify stylus mounting.

Order Code : PCT225

SCREW PAIR A pair of screws & nuts.Up to 6.5mm mounting.

Order Code : PCT202

OEM ORTOFON Adjusts stylus weight precisely and easily.Dial is In Newtons. [10x mN to the gram] ie. 1g = 10mN

Order Code : PCT220
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