EARTH CABLE LEAD WITH RING TERMINALS 35cm earth cable with ring terminals on both ends (O.D.: 11mmØ, I.D. 6mmØ)Can be...

Order Code : LY-SB10

HOOK & LOOP STRAP Hook-and-loop adjustable wrist strap.3M curley cord. 1MΩ protective circuit.

Order Code : ASW117

ASW116 A/STATIC WRISTSET SOFT CLOTH ELASTIC CLOTH TYPE Elastic type wrist strap. 3M curley cord. 1MΩ protective...

Order Code : ASW116

ESD grounding socket with easy mounting. Two button fastener and two 4mm banana sockets. 3m Lead.

Order Code : ELET-601

STUD CONNECT Grounding cord for ESD mats. 10mm moulded metal stud with Easy mount metal claw. 2M cord with banana and...

Order Code : ELET-606

STUD CONNECT Bench-top ESD mat solution. 10mm female snap for stud with metal claw mount. 2M long. Built-in 1MΩ....

Order Code : ELET-608

Suitable for eliminating electrostatic from units during repair, earthing a work bench, rack assembly, etc. Approved.

Starts From: $46.95

STRAP WRAPS SHOE HEEL Conductive ribbon shoe grounding system to accommodate all sorts of footwear using fully...

Starts From: $14.95
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