FIT HANDLEBARS STEERING WHEEL ETC. "H" Input to Motorola.Wire through PTT switchPlus an extra wirelesspush button...

Order Code : RPA2119

Cabled PTT PUSH TO TALK BUTTON Inline "H" lead with large PTT Button as required by some Helmet and ear pieces.

Order Code : RPA2118

Throat Mic Headset NO PTT Proprietary bone conduction transducer to ensure excellent audio quality and...

Order Code : RPA2116H

Helmet Headset Kit EARPIECE & MICROPHONE Integrates to Full Face & Open Face Helmets. Push Pull plug/Socket interface...

Order Code : RPA2114H

Skull Mic Headset NO PTT Ideal for Hard Hats & Helmets. Crystal clear skull microphone - Bone Conduction type....

Order Code : RPA2113H

High Noise Headset (Hard Hat Attach.) REQUIRES HELMET High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and...

Order Code : RPA2117SH
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