SCREEN CLEANING KIT 140ML PUMP SPRAY BOTTLE WITH CLEANING PAD 140mL specially formulated water based cleaning solution...

Order Code : HN-4811

Cardclene Swipe Machine Cleaners - Sachet-packed plain cards impregnated with Isopropanol. Made to ISO specifications....

Order Code : CCP020

Contact Cleaning Strips ELECTROLUBE cleaning, lubricating and protecting treatment. For relay and non-wiping contacts...

Order Code : CCS020

Bamboo shaft with cotton bud end for non-hygenic cleaning 150mm 100 PIECES Ridged wooden shaft white cotton tipped

Order Code : ACS100

Absorbent foam for solvent application, medical grade Small Circular Head. For tight hard to reach...

Order Code : CF4050

Absorbent foam for solvent application Lint-free non-abrasive cellular urethane cleaning swabs.Pieces 50

Order Code : CF50

4.8mm x 200mm Cable Ties Pack 100 Mountable O Ring Pharmaceutical grade extremely soft, absorbent, both ends.Pieces ...

Order Code : CT2000

Single ended medical grade cotton bud x1000 Pharmaceutical grade, tightly wound absorbent, general purpose.Pieces ...

Order Code : CT5000

Single ended medical grade cotton bud x100 Pharmaceutical grade extremely soft, absorbent, rigid shaft. Pieces 100

Order Code : CT100

Non-abrasive material for cleaning 75mm 10 PIECES High quality synthetic chamois tipped with 45° angled shaft. Gives...

Order Code : VCS10

PICK & SCRATCH Contains 6 double sided assorted style & tipped hand tools designed to help solder re-work, Sculpture,...

Order Code : SA10

125mm 20 PIECES Lint-less foam swabs with a plastic shaft. Packaged 20 per bag.

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