Headclene - Non-flammable solvent for cleaning oxides and dirt from magnetic read/write heads. (250ml Pump) AF...

Order Code : AHCE250

Rubber Roller Restorer Restores textures to rubber rollers in office equipmentProlongs the lifetime of rubber...

Order Code : RRR250

MORE SEE TOOLS SECTION Mechanism cleaning swabs in a variety of options.

For our comprehensive servicemans tool range please see sectionTOOLS & TEST EQUIPMENT

Order Code : HT922

Adapts the compact camcorder cassette to the normal size. VHS-C Cassettes ONLY! S-VHS Compatible [ NOT 8mm/Hi-8 ]...

Order Code : EL303E

Chamois Tip with 45° shaft. Packaged 10 per bag.

Starts From: $10.95

Non-Abrasive polyester to clean the entire tape path. Includes cleaning solution. Note this tape does not have a leader...

Starts From: $14.95

Three types are available to adjust AC heads, video heads, tape guide path, transport, etc.

Starts From: $16.95

GTK030B TOOL KIT 25 PIECE REPAIR KIT An excellent variety of common electronic repair tools for the technician...

Order Code : GTK030B

“WARNING - WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL BROKEN OR TAMPERED WITH.” Place over screws and seals to prevent tampering. Suit...

Order Code : WL500

“WARNING WARRANTY VOID IF SEAL BROKEN OR TAMPERED WITH.” Place over screws and seals to prevent tampering. Suit repair...

Order Code : WL500

Highest Quality recording. Suit final alignments.8 min RF Sweep8 min Colour bars 3KHz Tone8 min Staircase Monoscope...

Order Code : VID70

This tape is designed as a preliminary service test tape for standard VCR’s. Its cost effectiveness makes it suitable...

Order Code : VID50

Eliminate the need to clean heads after fitting by using gloves. Recommended by leading manufacturers. Sold in pairs.

Order Code : GLV2

Extract VCR heads without damage to either head or mounting assembly. Adjustable so as to suit various brand heads.

Order Code : HT800

A collection of assorted hand tools scribes, hooks, blades, brushes, etc. designed to assist technicians in repair and...

Order Code : SA10
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