D SUB PLUG SPD The In-line surge protector for 25 pin D sub connection is designed to protect any serial (RS-232)...

Order Code : D15/DB25-25

D9 Female To Female. All pins wired type NULL Modem cable with Full Handshaking. RTS-CTS, etc. Suit most modern serial...

Starts From: $4.95

CL750 COMPUTER CABLE [DB25F or DB9F] to [DB25F or DB9F] Serial data transfer cable as used with modems, Laplink and...

Order Code : CL750

All pins wired. Fully shielded with molded thumbscrew connectors.

Starts From: $7.95

CA252 SERIAL MOUSE ADPT Another variation for unique laptops, etc. 10 cm long.

Order Code : CA252

CA250 SERIAL MOUSE ADPTR Most Popular Type 10 cm long.D9 Male to 6 pin male mini-Din.

Order Code : CA250

Fully shielded cable with Gold pin connectors.All pins wired straight through for Parallel & Serial

Starts From: $9.95

SMV301 = RS232-E EXTCAT5 D9 SERIAL OVER CAT5 Full-Duplex data comm. Compatible with all RS232 protocols in either...

Order Code : RS232-E

CA80 SURGE PROTECTOR Stops voltage spikes with the potential to do costly damage. Uses metal oxide varistors to...

Order Code : CA80

D9 SERIAL ATEN metal 125x80x25mm 115.2Kbps Serial Signal RS232 / RS422 / RS485

Dual RS232 DUAL D9 SERIAL Supports RS232 Serial DB9 with over 1Mbps data rate Supports remote wake-up Two individual...

Order Code : USB143
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