SOLID CORE DOUBLE SHIELDED Single Solid core of bare copper OD: 2.74mm ±0.03mm Gas Injected Foamed Polyethylene OD:...

Starts From: $8.45

HEAVY DUTY with UV-Resistance. Multi-Strand High-shielding.

Starts From: $7.40

SOLID CORE DOUBLE SHIELDED Low-Loss substitute to the common RG58 & RG142 coax cable Single Solid core of bare copper...

Starts From: $2.95

Multi-strand with braided copper shield. Superior specifications to RG58U.

Starts From: $2.50

Multi-strand steel/copper (0.48mm) with braid tinned copper 90% shield. PE Dielectric (1.5mm). PVC Jacket Black...

Starts From: $1.50
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