USB Type-C to Apple Lightning cable 1M DATA SYNC & CHARGING This USB Type-C male to Apple Lightning allows users to...

Order Code : CL8805-1

VIDEO CABLE This reversible USB Type-C to HDMI adaptor cable offers a convenient solution for directly connecting your...

Starts From: $35.00

VIDEO CABLE This reversible USB Type-C to DisplayPort adaptor cable offers a convenient solution for directly...

Starts From: $35.00

FOR DATA SYNC AND CHARGING 1M long USB to high speed 35 core micro USB cable with an attached micro USB to Apple®...

Order Code : MDC1024BU

This package contains 20x 1M USB cable with Apple™ Lightning© connector.Suitable for charging and data sync.Compatible...

Order Code : MDC9050BU20

DIRECT CONNECT HDMI OVER EXTENDED DISTANCES UP TO 100 METRES Fibre Optic HDMI cable combines the HDMI and fibre optic...

Starts From: $439.00

THUNDERBOLT™ 1 WITH TRANSFER SPEED UP TO 10GB/S The Thunderbolt™ cable enables the connection of external devices such...

Starts From: $65.60

Portable size, easy and convenient to carry and useData transfer rates up to 480MbpsUSB 2.0 interface, support hot...

Order Code : USB230

HANGER-BAG PACKAGING HDMI Input to VGA and 3.5mm Stereo Output. Micro-USB for optional Power input.

Order Code : MP2990

Connect a MacBook or any computer equipped with a Type-C port to a 4K Ultra HD TV or monitor & a standard USB device....

Order Code : CA3108

USB 3.1 Type C data cable, 2MType C connector has a reversible design, no need to turn the cable around when making the...

Order Code : CL1140WH-2

USB 3.1 Type C male to Micro-USB female adaptor.

Order Code : CA3107

The USB Type C to SATA adaptor cable lets you connect directly to your SATA hard drive. USB-C will also supply power...

Order Code : CA3106

USB3.1 -Type C to Gigabit ethernet adaptor. Suitable for devices without a native ethernet adaptor.Small, portable and...

Order Code : CA3105

USB Type C Male To Mini Displayport Female at resolution up to 3840x2160p @ 30hz.

Order Code : CA3104

The USB Type C to DP adaptor cable lets you connect your MacBook/ChromeBook with USB Type C port to an DP display, this...

Order Code : CA3103
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