BATTERIES SOLD SEPARATELY Made with machined anodised aluminium and rubber push button. Wrist strap included.Random...

Order Code : ALT901

1/8" cobalt drill bit, 135° split point. Can drill timber, metals and stainless steel

Order Code : CD18

WINDOW MOUNT Tuned to UHF & VHF 3M Lead to "F" Plug40x9cm

Order Code : AP172

AM-FM High gain amplified AM/FM antenna. Window mount with 24cm adhesive strip attaches to inner edge of vehicle's...

Order Code : AP259

AM/FM Try breaking this antenna! Plugs onto rear window demister for boosted AM/FM impossible to vandalise. Mounts...

Order Code : AP170

FOUR-WAY 10dB Boosted thru-glass system involving a collection of window mount antennae for inside and outside....

Order Code : AP194
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