BEAM SEND AND RECEIVE PAIR This 100m photoelectric detector uses 4 pulsed infrared beams that are designed to activate...

Order Code : ALE-PIRB

QUAD SENSOR The sensor analyses two sequential signals of different frequencies allowing detection of both shock...

Order Code : PIR5323

This dual element curtain pattern PIR detector is designed for easy, adjustment free installation and beams up to a...

Order Code : PIR5322

WATCHGUARD This ceiling mounted passive infrared motion detector has a detection range up to 8m (from 3.6m high) and...

Order Code : PIR5321

TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED This PIR sensor features quad element imaging technology, adjustable microwave and PIR...

Order Code : PIR5320

STANDALONE WIFI SECURITY CAMERA The Watchguard 2020™ standalone WiFi security camera is perfect for monitoring what’s...

Order Code : ALC-CAM1


Order Code : ALC-RPT1

MOBILE ALERT PENDENT The Watchguard 2020™ Wireless Panic Button is a flat, elegantly designed emergency pendant with...

Order Code : ALC-PNB1


Order Code : ALC-SIR2


Order Code : ALC-SIR1


Order Code : ALC-GB1


Order Code : ALC-FLD1

WATCHGUARD 2020 Photoelectric smoke detector senses smoke within detector chamberSends wireless signal to control...

Order Code : ALC-SMK1

MAGNETIC REED SWITCH This wireless roller shutter door reed switch offers heavy duty protection to large...

Order Code : ALC-RSW2

REED SWITCH FOR DOOR OR WINDOW This wireless door/window contact reed switch is perfect for covering all points of...

Order Code : ALC-RSW1

RECHARGED BY INBUILT SOLAR PANEL PIR Motion Detector Solar chargedDetect every movement wirelesslyWatchguard 2020™...

Order Code : ALC-PIR4

WATCHGUARD 2020 PIR Motion Detector Ceiling mountDetect every movement wirelesslyWatchguard 2020™ CompatibleBattery...

Order Code : ALC-PIR2

PET IMMUNE MOTION DETECTOR PIR Motion Detector Pet ImmuneDetect every movement wirelesslyWatchguard 2020™...

Order Code : ALC-PIR1
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