Analogue & Digital Audio Converters

2 In 4 Out Active Toslink Splitter/Switcher This switch splitter has 2 selectable inputs; a Toslink input and a...

Order Code : PRO1359

Optical Digital to Analogue Audio Centre The Optical to Analogue Audio Converter (DAC) provides the ideal solution...

Order Code : DCT-1

Optical to Analogue Converter with Dolby Digital Decoder WITH DOLBY DIGITAL DECODER The Digital to Analogue Audio...

Order Code : DCT-1D

Digital/Analogue Audio Decoder with Dolby Digital Decoder DOLBY DECODER 2.0CH WITH PASS THROUGH The Universal...

Order Code : DCT-9DN

Coaxial to Analogue Decorder DOLBY & DTS DECODER 2.0CH The Coaxial to Analog Audio Converter (DAC) with Dolby Digital...

Order Code : DCT-1DD

Digital/Analogue Audio Decoder DOLBY & DTS DECODER 2.0CH WITH PASS THROUGH The Universal Digital/Analog Audio...

Order Code : DCT-9DD
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