The KDBLOCK is an in-line DC block with a voltage rating at 100V DC max.

Order Code : KDCBLOCK

Product Temporarily Unavailable.
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FOXTEL APPROVED F31095 The Kingray Active Taps are specially designed for the distribution of terrestrial & satellite...

Order Code : KAT24F

FOXTEL® APPROVED F30835 The low current quad output LNBF is used to connect up to 2 x PVR Foxtel or 4 x standard...

Order Code : LNBQU-LC

FOXTEL® APPROVED F30834 The low current twin output LNBF is used to connect 1 x PVR or 2 x standard receivers to a...

Order Code : LNBTU-LC

FOXTEL® APPROVED F30563 F-Type plug (Male) to F-Type plug (Male). Foxtel approved F30563.

Order Code : APF/F

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

AD315 View Substitute Product

FOXTEL® APPROVED F10175 Premium quality Pay TV approved RG11 Quad shielded coax cable with 0.94mm thick outer PVC...

Order Code : CRG11BQ
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